Nutrition Counseling

In the initial session I ask about you and your goals. I want to know about your life and the people in it, your work, travel and how you like to eat, move, and relax. My clients are intelligent, well-read people aware of what they want and what keeps them from realizing it. The deluge of popular nutrition information can be confusing. A “diet” is a superficial approach, seldom a permanent solution, because it does not consider your life situation, physiology, and preferences. My role is to help you discern what information you need, guiding you in setting manageable goals using your strengths, resources and insight to achieve what you want. If you have a treatment team, I am happy to collaborate with you and your other care providers.

My home office, the garden in spring

My home office, the garden in the spring.

How long will it take?

Our work together will depend on your needs. Some people need information or help in choosing what information to use and may only need a session or two. Many people want a “coach” or consultant to provide a sounding board, accountability, and on-going support for making sustainable changes.

My specialty is disordered eating and weight concerns. I also see people who are have high blood pressure or cholesterol, are vegetarians, pregnant, parents, athletes, or who just want to feel better.

Fees and Cancellation Policy