• Hatha Yoga as Adjunct for Eating Disorders Treatment

    Hatha yoga, once the province of Indian yogis and ‘60’s hippies, has become mainstream. It is offered in most gyms and Y’s, as well as in yoga centers, many of which have sprung up in the last few years. Yoga is Sanskrit for “union.” Union can be seen as balancing the active-alert and quiet-relaxed states…

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  • Intuitive Eating, What Does That Mean?

    My journey into intuitive eating was both a personal and professional one. In my 20’s I experienced the spectrum of eating disorders: had I been seen by a trained professional, I would have been diagnosed first with anorexia nervosa, then eventually bulimia, and finally binge eating disorder. Neither of the latter two of these conditions…

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  • Hatha Yoga for People with Eating Disorders

    By Gretchen Rose Newmark, MA, RD, LD Hatha yoga has become popular, available in many places such as gyms and work settings, as well as more traditional yoga centers. You might find it useful as you recover from an eating disorder. If you want to try yoga, or are doing it now, here is how…

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