Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction embraces all traditions. I am honored to listen as you explore your spiritual life. It is my passion for spirituality and my own practice that most vividly informs my work. I also love helping people create an enduring meditation practice.

Spirituality is cultivated though practice. Some of us feel at home in family’s tradition, but others of us need to experiment to find what truly fits. Part of my guidance as a spiritual director is to help you discern what, if any, spiritual tradition, community, and practices will enable you to transform into your most free and joyful self.

In addition to my formal training from Namaste 1995-1997, I receive continuing education, and am in on-going consultation and supervision.

Gretchen was my first yoga teacher some 20 years ago. She practices Tibetan Buddhism, but specializes in helping others find their personal spiritual path and I know from personal experience that she does not promote one path over another. She is familiar with many different styles of meditation and has understanding about why teachers recommend one over another for different students. She is a long-term committed practitioner and I really like and trust her.

—JC, Newberg, Oregon